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Headteacher Mrs C Mills


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development at Chancellor Park Primary School


Chancellor Park Primary School understands that the personal development of each of our pupils as individuals contributes to their achievements and ability to engage in the learning process. We are committed to promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of every child in our care, and believe their development in these areas links directly to their ability to achieve their full potential at school.

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In consultation and in accordance with guidelines from the Department for Education’s document ‘Promoting fundamental British values as part of SMSC in schools’, we have decided on a set of core values which underpin all aspects of life at Chancellor Park.

Our five core values have been agreed as;







Every week we hold a whole school themed assembly based on a core value which is then supported by follow up work in class. Pupils are identified within each class who are observed demonstrating the core value in either their work, or their attitude, and are then awarded a special star of the week. This star is awarded in our weekly Achievement Assembly and the children are given a special certificate to bring home. These pupils also have the additional reward of being invited onto our ‘Top Table’ in the dinner hall on the following Monday, to eat with two of their teachers and the other award winners.


In addition to all of this we identify a ‘Big Question’ related to each of our core values which goes home on our Newsletters each week for parents to ponder over with their child/ren. The thoughts that we all generate surrounding these questions are entered into a Big Questions Book to be discussed within each of the classes at a differentiated level. For example, one of our core values is respect, the Big Question we discussed was, ‘Is it better to have respect for yourself or for others?’The answer to the question is designed to be open ended and encourages forms of debate, which is a skill we actively promote for our pupils. For Key Stage One children the big question is usually something much simpler such as, ‘What is respect?’


We are constantly striving to provide our children with experiences to enhance their social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

For further details of how we promote SMSC within the school please click  here.

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