Chancellor Park Primary School

Brook-End Road South, Chelmsford, CM2 6PT

Headteacher Mrs C Mills


Role of a School Governing Body


The School’s Governing body is made up of a mix of volunteers from the local community, the local authority, parents and school staff. They are the school’s accountable body, who oversee the policy and practices to ensure the school functions to the highest possible standard. It holds the Head teacher accountable for the performance of the school.


To monitor and evaluate, the school Governors meet regularly, once a term both as a full body and as committees. These meetings will discuss all aspects of the school’s performance including absence rates, exam results, complaints, involvement with the community, the curriculum, staffing, school budget, health and safety, school improvement plan and training courses. Governors visit the school regularly – climate walks, participating in activities and attending events or meetings with teachers. These visits enable Governors, along with regular meetings, to ensure best practice is in place and being followed as well as monitoring the school improvement plan.


Governors’ Roles and Responsibilities


 headshot  Mrs Debbie Miodonski (Parent)- Chair of Governors – Performance Management, science
 Ann n Mrs Ann Newman (Parent) – English
 Neel 2 Mr Neel Faucon (Parent) –  Health & Safety, Pupil Premium, Chair of Finance & Premises
 photo Mrs Pumfrey Mrs Joanne Pumfrey (Parent) – Joint Vice Chair, SEN and Maths
Headteacher Mrs Claire Mills – (Headteacher) – Finance, Premises & Personnel Committee
 governor amber 1  Mrs Amber Jones (Parent) EYFS,  Safeguarding & Child Protection
 Cllr%20Neil%20Gulliver  Mr Neil Gulliver (LA)
 Mrs Hilary Crick  Mrs Hilary Crick ( Acting Deputy Head)- Finance, Premises & Personnel Committee

Contact with Parents

The Governors have their own email address, which we encourage you to use, and parents can expect a response within 24 hours. If the query is not within the remit of the Governing Board it will be referred to the Headteacher or one of her/his staff.


Governors also aim to meet with parents whenever opportunities arise and respond quickly to views and concerns. Governors are invited to attend Parents’ evenings; coffee mornings, PTA events and special assemblies regularly.

What do we do?

There are several key aspects to the work of the Governing Board. Working with the Head Teacher, we set the policies for the school, establish the development plan, ensure that public funds are spent appropriately and effectively for the good of the children’s education, ensure that all statutory duties are complied with and provide for rigorous accountability. The day to day management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher and her/his team, and are not part of governors’ business meetings.


There are 2 sub-committees of the main Governing Board where work is discussed in depth – Finance, Premises and Personnel. Governors with specific expertise or experience in these areas sit on these committees which meet in addition to the Full Governing Body meetings on a termly basis. Further working parties and project teams will be set up on an ad-hoc basic for special activities i.e. Pay Committee.

Other roles

As well as being a member of one of the committees, Chancellor Park governors also have other responsibilities within the school for example monitoring of subjects, Health & Safety, Safeguarding and Child Protection, SEN, Sports Premium and Pupil Premium.

When do we meet?

The full Governing Board, and each sub-committee meet each term and every governor is expected to attend these. Often meetings include a presentation focusing on an aspect of the school’s development plan.


Maintaining confidentiality at all times is essential as governors are privy to delicate information relating to the school and its community. Explaining this to friends and acquaintances can minimize the possibility of awkward questions or requests being made that could compromise a governor’s position. Similarly, requests to intercede on a parent’s behalf are always directed back to the teachers and/or the Head Teacher so that policies and procedures can be followed appropriately.


Governor Attendance and Disclosure 2015-2016

The Governors are now duty bound to publish their attendance and interests.

Governor attendance and disclosure 2015-16

Name Term of Office Date of Leaving Type of Governor Attendance Record at Full GB Business and Pecuniary Interests Governance Roles in  other Schools
Claire Mills 4 years n/a Headteacher 100% none None
Neel Faucon 4 years n/a Parent 100% none None
Debbie Miodonski 4 years n/a Parent 100% none Parent Governor at The Sandon School
Ann Newman 4 years n/a Co-opted 100% none None
Joanne Pumfrey 4 years n/a Parent 100% none None
Jayne Self ^ 4 years n/a Staff 66% none None
Dave Toombs 4 years n/a Parent 33% none None
Minal Backhouse 4 years n/a Parent 33% none None
Neil Gulliver* 4 years n/a Local Authority 66% None Chair of Governors at Barnes Farm Junior School


^ On maternity leave

* Absence due to exceptional circumstances

**Note all attendance rates are for 2015-16 school year.

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