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C2 Data Protection Policy Statement 2021

C3 Data Protection policy 2022.  (pending ratification Autumn 2022)

Main overarching privacy Document 2021

C4 Statutory requests policy 2022 (pending ratification Autumn 2022)

F6 SAR Parent Guide 2021

F4 FOI Publication Scheme  2021

D10 GDPR rights advice to parents 2021

C6 Data Handling Security Policy 2022 (pending ratification Autumn 2022)

GDPR consent form

 Pupil Privacy Notice

H2 Security Measures Document 2021

Privacy Notice School Photographs and activities 2021

Privacy Notice Publishing Pupil Work (Reviewed 2021)

Privacy Notice Statutory Processing of Pupil and Parent Data

Privacy Notice Delivery of the Curriculum and Pastoral Care 2021

Privacy Notice marketing activities 2021

Privacy notice managing School Governors 2021

Privacy Notice Managing Security 2021

Privacy Notice Visitors 2021

Privacy Notice Managing Volunteers 2021

Privacy Notice Employment 2021

Privacy Notice online payments 2021